Surprises on the Internet: Using the Internet to Make Someone’s Day

Surprises on the Internet: Using the Internet to Make Someone’s Day

21 June, 2016

Since most of our lives are now lived on the internet, is it really so terrible if our celebrations, greetings and even presents happened online? No one can deny that getting a birthday card in the post is wonderful, but people rarely have the time to enjoy it properly. So if you’re planning on making someone’s day, maybe you can start with the following ideas, all to be executed through the internet.

Send an e-Card

If you don’t have the time to buy or make a card, write in it, address and stamp the envelope, and post it, e-cards are just the thing. All it involves is going to a site which has e-cards and selecting one to be emailed to whoever you want. Most sites offer a notification when the e-card has been delivered and when it has been read. There is no fuss, no mess, and the card can be interactive and fun. Some sites even allow you to custom design a card using pictures and music. You can customize the card to suit your friend/relative’s favourite things and surprise them with it early in the morning. So next time you have to send a card for an event, you don’t have to be limited to paper – send an e-card!

Gift Something on the Internet

There’s difference between buying gifts online in NZ and actual online gifts.

Both are possible in this age though. If you’re buying personalized gifts for men, the sky is literally the limit, because there are even sites that will sell real-estate on the moon if someone wants it. So you can buy something online and arrange for it delivered to their doorstep after you’ve paid for it though online banking. Online gifts are things that you can actually only experience online, such as a year-long subscription to an expensive journal for an academic friend; a subscription to a limited release web series for a geeky friend; or a sneak preview into the latest video game release for your gaming pal. There are plenty of things to choose from: iTunes, ebooks, podcasts, web series, fan content and many other things are available on the internet.

Celebrate Online

This is a little more difficult to pull off as you do need people to participate, but they don’t have to be in the same place! There are plenty of conference services and communication apps online that four friends from four corners of the world can celebrate a birthday on one platform. The cake and games may not be as sweet, but at least it is a meeting of minds and a presence of some sort. Use the conference feature to also show the birthday guy/girl what you’ve done to celebrate their day. Have you put up bunting? Have you bought them a present? Play some dancing games, some drinking games, or just catch up with a long talk.